Chaplaincy is an integral part our Catholic school community. It is a service which provides both spiritual and pastoral care for students and staff.

Our chaplaincy team is led by a full time chaplain, Paola De Fonso. The role of the chaplaincy team leader includes:

  • organizing and facilitating grade level retreats;
  • planning and organizing liturgical services and reflections;
  • providing faith formation;
  • spiritual and pastoral support;
  • guidance for students and staff; and
  • promotion of inclusively and social justice throughout the school community.

Chaplaincy activities

The following are events or organizations that our school's chaplaincy team helps throughout the school year:

  • Just Youth: a group dedicated to promoting social justice in our local and global communities.
  • St. Vincent's Kitchen: a local low cost meal provider, where staff and students are welcome to volunteer.
  • 24 hour THINK FAST: an annual event, which raises awareness and funds for Development and Peace, and provides
         a lot of FUN.
  • Charity Spaghetti Dinner: a family, fun filled evening to raise funds for local and global charities.
  • Prayer and support Groups: for bereavement, grief counselling, etc.

Who can join the chaplaincy team?

The chaplaincy team is open to anybody who would like to be involved in the faith and spiritual life of our school community. If you have an interest in social justice issues or would like to play an active role in helping to make a difference in the lives of others we invite you to join our team.

To learn more about our chaplaincy team, contact our Chaplain at 905-666-7753 ext. 3626. We welcome your talents and support.