Our Parishes

At All Saints Catholic Secondary School, we work in partnership with the following local parishes to strengthen our Catholic beliefs.

Parish Name


Contact Information


St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church 903 Giffard Street
Whitby, ON
L1N 2S3
Tel: 905-6683676
Fax: 905-668-9109
Email: Sje.whitby@sympatico.ca

​Rev. Francisco Fernandez Siles, Pastor

Rev. Michael Holmes, Associate Pastor

Holy Family Catholic Church


91 Ribblesdale Drive
Whitby, ON
L1N 6Z3


Tel: 905-665-6470
Fax: 905-665-6651
Email: Holy.family@rogers.com

Rev. Laszlo Nagy, Pastor,

Rev. Marijan Sisko, Associate Pastor