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Here we are. The final chapter in a 10 year history of elementary school, and a new beginning at the Durham Catholic Distict School Board's Arts and Media Program (AMP). From junior kindergarten to this year, you have seen your child grow and become a wonderful human being with so many God-given talents. Now, it is time to really let those talents shine, especially in the arts! 

All Saints Catholic Secondary School is proud of our Catholic faith and traditions. The Gospel values of Jesus Christ permeate every aspect of our daily school life including the curriculum, assessments, instructional approaches and teacher and student resources. In all we do, we strive to provide the best in education through teachings revealed by the Gospel. We are a large community of faith shared through daily prayer and witness to the Gospel values.

My name is Mr. Linhares. I’ve been teaching for 19 years now, and I can’t express how exciting this year is going to be. It is an honour to be with this great group of studnets each day, and part of that testament goes to you, the parents and caregivers, as well as all of the wonderful teachers they have had and friendships they have made throughout these 10 years of elementary education. It is time to consolidate a lot of those memories, learnings and understandings, and open some unknown chapters as well, as we embark on this new AMP adventure.

The aims of my classroom is for all of my students to develop completely their individual talents as members of society as unique and responsible people of the Roman Catholic faith, and to provide them with opportunities to grow in Faith and in an understanding of the nature and purpose of life. 

 Our Catholic Lens in Grade 8
 Every grade has its own Essential Question, to provide a Catholic lens for the curriculum content in all subject areas. These guiding questions provide opportunities for teachers, students and parents to consider how the entire curriculum for a grade level could reflect our Catholic worldview. This year, our essential question is: How are WE church in the world? A powerful and deep question that you yourself may wish to keep in the back of your mind as we venture into this exciting year together. 
 Literacy Across the Curriculum
 Literacy development lies at the heart of the grade eight language curriculum. Literacy learning is a communal project and the teaching of literacy skills is embedded across the curriculum. Through dedicated instruction, our grade eight students learn to communicate that as Catholics, we are to be Church in the world, caring for all people and the planet. Our students use these communication skills to articulate God’s presence in our world. They will explore a variety of areas of interest to foster their reading, writing, oral communication and media understandings. Using technology is a must in the 21st Century, and students will be provided with ample opportunities to explore and excel at their own pace. It is hoped that they will participate actively in our on-line classroom that we are establishing through our new Learning Management System (LMS) Edsby. Students will also explore The French language with Mlle Ciccone first thing in the morning, everyday! Merci Mademoiselle!

Today’s Math programming requires individuals who are able to think critically about complex tasks, analyse and adapt to new situations, solve problems of various kinds, and communicate their thinking effectively. Our students learn that we have a responsibility to be Church in the world, using knowledge and skills to reach out to the global world. We will explore the strands that you have become familiar with: Number Sense and Numeration, Measurement, Geometry, Data Management and Patterning and Algebra. Students will have daily math work, infact, an hour a day minimum has been set aside for math. 

The Arts

Instrumental and Vocal Music, Visual Arts, Drama and Dance are all part of our grade eight arts program. This class is the first to experience our Arts and Media Program, and although they are getting an intensive 70 minute art class daily which they were admitted to, they will also experience the other areas during the course of the year. Through integrated work as well, they will explore the arts in other subject areas to communicate information.It is no secret that the visual arts are very dear to my heart, and so we look forward to seeing how each student is called to use their unique gifts to be church in the world through the arts.

History and Geography

In our history program students examine the major factors and significant events of Confederation, the Development of Western Canada, and Canada: A Changing Society. As Canadians, we recognize that many our first communities were built around our Catholic Church. The perspectives of each of these main groups of people will be a focus of our studies as we explore through inquiry processes.

In our geography program, students study Patterns in Human Geography, Economic Systems and Migration. Through this programing they ask, “How are we Church in the World?” continually reminding them-selves that that Jesus calls us to love our neighbour as ourself.

Please note that we will explore our history and geography units intermittently, and they will be taught through rotary.

 Science and Technology
 Our grade eight students learn about Cells, Systems in Action, Fluids and Water Systems. Through these concepts, they ask them themselves, “How are we called Church in the world?”, exploring these learning concepts through the eyes of faith. Science will be covered by Mr. Richard on our Rotary schedule.
 Health and Physical Education

Our program aims to improve the well-being of our students through daily physical activity. As well, our Fully Alive Program shares a holistic approach to effectively integrate expectations from the Health curriculum within the context of values of our Catholic faith. We have physical education classes tentatively booked on Day 1, but will have Mr. McBride on rotary, who will also be covering some Media Literacy. Mrs. Olsen will be covering our Health Curriculum every day 5 in the morning for 40 minutes.

 Religious Education

All classes participate in 'Stand By Me' and 'Fully Alive' Religion programs created by the Canadian Council of Catholic Bishops. Through Catechesis and support to make informed moral and ethical choices, students develop an awareness of, and the desire to live, the Catholic Graduate Expectations. 


Communication is key. We have several vehicles in place to keep things open, and so that everyone is on the same page. Edsby is the most comprehensible way to know what's going on in our class. Until parents get set up, you are more then welcome to ask your child to login at home thorugh the Edsby site. For the students, the agenda will be a tool for them to use to write their own homework. You may also follow me on twitter: @MrJLinhares. There's no excuse to not be in the know! As a staff, the grade 8 teachers also collaborate daily together to ensure that we are on similar pages. Everyone is working towards a successful year for all. 





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