Learning Commons

Students in the library learning commons area

All students have access to our school's learning commons. This area provides students with access to computers, Wi-Fi, quiet space, resources and large meeting areas for group collaboration. 

Meet our staff

Our staff are here to help you:

  • Mrs. Riviera-Lopez;
  • David Honderich (Library Volunteer);
  • Mrs. M. Dion (Teacher-librarian); and
  • Mrs. S. Leonard (Teacher-librarian).


We offer the following services:

  1. Printing and photocopying: 10 cents per page;
  2. Borrowing - 2 weeks after which you will be fined 5 cents per day; and
  3. Login ID and password assistance - see one of our Teacher-librarians 

Policies and procedures

  1. Students are welcome if they are on a spare, during lunch, or if they have written permission from their classroom teacher.
  2. Students must be in proper uniform before entering the learning commons.
  3. The learning commons is for quiet study and group work. Please use the cafeteria for socializing, card-playing and eating.
  4. Food and drinks are forbidden. Water is allowed, but not near the computers.
  5. Our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy allows students to use phones, tablets and other devices in the library. However, use headphones  for audio - you can borrow these from the teacher-librarian.


All Grade 9 students participate in a Learning Commons orientation class as part of their enrolment in an English course.

Loan period and renewals

Books can be borrowed for two weeks, but may be renewed an unlimited number of times unless another student has a hold on a particular book. Once books are charged as overdue, fines per book will be applied per school day. There is no charge for weekends.

Lost and damaged books

Lost, vandalized and accidentally damaged books must be paid for or replaced. Students who lose, vandalize or damage library books are responsible for their replacement. Any outstanding debts to the learning commons must be paid in full before the student will be permitted to purchase a prom ticket.

Opportunities to volunteer

Students wishing to fulfill their community service hours are welcome to volunteer in the school's Learning Commons.

Contact us

Learning Commons - All Saints Catholic Secondary School
3001 Country Lane
Whitby, ON L1P 1M1
Tel: 905-666-7753 ext. 50035 or ext.50009

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